Tracey Thorn, Late in the Afternoon (Home Sessions) from Love and Its Opposite (Merge, 2010)

Late in the afternoon, October

Lights be coming on soon

Late in the afternoon, a little older

Be turning the clocks back soon

But you can’t turn the clocks back, can’t you?

I’m not a novelty

You know every inch of me

Please don’t begin to doubt me

Forget what you love about me

Look out your high window, November

A carpet of leaves below

You never saw through me, remember

And it wouldn’t take that much

For something to kick away this crutch

I’m not a mystery

You know everything about me

I stand here every night

In fluorescent bathroom light

Every blemish, every scar

You know how they got there

And where they are

So don’t get bored anytime soon

‘Cause it’s late

It’s late in the afternoon

Who’s next?
Who’s next?
Always the ones that you least expect
They seem so strong
It turned out she wanted more all along
And each time I hear who’s to part
I examine my heart
See how it stands
Wonder if it’s still in safe hands

Who’s fled?
Who’s fled?
Who’s been caught out in somebody’s bed?
I should have guessed
That day that his phone wouldn’t take your text
He was a chamer
I wish him bad karma
Oh, I know we shouldn’t take sides
But that one was his fault
This one is her fault
No-one gets off without paying the ride
And oh, the divorces!

And oh, oh, oh
The honeymoon, the wedding ring
Oh, oh oh
The afternoon handovers by the swings

Oh Jens, oh Jens
Your songs seem to look through a different lens
You’re still so young
Love ends just as easy as it’s begun
Now there’s kids to tend
The legal biz
And custody
And oh, the divorces!
And this one is different
And each one of course is
And always the same
Oh, the divorces!

Who’s next?
Who’s next?

Tracey Thorn, Oh, the divorces! (Home Sessions) from Love and Its Opposite (Merge, 2010)



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